All about the World EHS Day 2022

The 5th annual EHS Day is officially underway! Find in this article ideas, tips and posters to participate.

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Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the association Cœurs d’EHS will once again organize the Electrosensitivity Day on June 16th.

The principle remains the same as in previous years, but this year I am counting on you to organize actions in the field and to inform (as soon as possible) the local media.

I propose you to do the following according to your situation and your possibilities:

  • Show your support to this cause
  • Make the invisible visible
  • Inform about electrosensitivity
  • Inform about the health risks generated by electro-smog
  • Inform about the solutions of electromagnetic hygiene and protection

… locally, near you, in the way you want !

Show your support

– by spreading this information to all your contacts by email and in social networks, and even if possible to your local press.

– by hanging yellow on your windows, your balcony or by going for a walk dressed in yellow.

– by taking a picture of yourself with the Day’s poster in public places and posting it on social networks.

– by adding a yellow heart to your profile picture on social networks that day (see below).

Make the invisible visible

At present, many EHS people are hiding, let’s show solidarity, think of them and give these whistleblowers the visibility they deserve through symbolic acts.

I count on you to find original and creative ways to underline the impossibility for them to go to public places that are too polluted. You could, for example, mark their absence :
– by placing an empty yellow chair in the middle of people in places of social and cultural gatherings.
– by placing a yellow T-shirt mannequin in front of well-known sites, with the pollution level indicated.
– carrying yellow signs explaining what happened to them and why they were not there.
… not forgetting to take pictures and post them on social networks and on our Facebook page and group, of course!

Inform about electrosensitivity

It is a question of explaining very simply what are :
– the causes (an overexposure to waves often added to a heavy metal intoxication, to a multiple chemical hypersensitivity, to an infection by the bacteria of Lyme disease etc.),
– the symptoms,
– the consequences (professional, social, family, often leading to exclusion, reclusion, wandering, even suicide) of this intolerance to artificial electromagnetic fields.

Please be patient with the sceptics. Fortunately, most of the time people are already aware of the problem of waves and are asking for information on this subject.

Take advantage of this opportunity to inform the general public about all the existing associations that can inform and help them. You will find the list here.

Inform about the health risks
generated by electro-smog

These are multiple. Beyond electrosensitivity, you can make the general public understand that electromagnetic waves do not only make 5% of the population electrosensitive but weaken ALL living organisms in a general way and are one of the triggering factors of multiple pathologies.

Take the opportunity to communicate on the wide range of pathologies caused by prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves and on the human and financial cost to society.

Inform pregnant women of the risks for their fetus, parents of the risks for their children, seniors of the risks of premature degeneration of their brain (Alzheimer’s disease etc.).

Inform about the solutions of
electromagnetic hygiene and protection

The aim is to inform the general public about the different sources of artificial electromagnetic fields they are confronted with on a daily basis and to explain how to avoid unnecessary exposure to them.

To preserve our health, it is important to:

1) Eliminate all indoor pollution emitted by mobile telephony and wireless technologies by favouring wired connections.

2) Block external pollution by using anti high frequency protections and filtering the domestic electrical network to protect ourselves from electrical pollution (dirty electricity).

3) Sleep connected to the ground and totally protected in order to promote a restful sleep allowing the body to better support the exposures during the day.

I hope that many professionals will take advantage of this day to organize free open house workshops
in order to inform the general public and make themselves known at the same time.

Material at your disposal

To print directly
To design your own posters and flyers
To customize your Facebook profile

You can also find material in our Facebook event.

A Day that has become worldwide!

As every year, our Facebook group June 16 dedicated to this Day, has been reactivated to promote this 5th meeting. It is in English in order to be able to communicate with all the foreign groups, collectives or associations willing to join us and to coordinate their actions with ours.

Excellent initiatives have emerged in 2018 and 2019, I invite you to read the reports of what has been organized in different countries to inspire you:

EHS Day 2018EHS Day 2019EHS Day 2020EHS Day 2021

A day dedicated exclusively to EHS

I would like to stress an important point. Although I support all the collectives, groups and associations that are courageously mobilizing against the installation of smart meters and against the deployment of 5G, I do not want June 16 to be a day of mobilization mainly focused on these struggles.

I would be grateful if you could keep in mind that this Day is dedicated to electro-hypersensitive people, to their difficulties to survive, to be heard and to be recognized as such. That is why I would like us to think very strongly about them on this Day (which the most affected of them will not be able to attend) and to make this Day theirs.

This Day will be a success if it changes the general public’s view of EHS and encourages caring behavior towards them. I therefore do not want it to be an occasion for demonstrations against smart meters or against 5G, which could be misunderstood by the general public and ruin the charitable and humanitarian objective of this Day. Thank you for respecting this choice.

All over the world, electro-hypersensitive people are hiding in the most remote, isolated, forgotten and desperate places. It is towards these sensitive human beings that I will ask you on June 16, 2022 to show solidarity and to carry the voice of those who can no longer do so by showing your support for this cause that concerns us all!

This is why I call on all associations, all collectives, all groups and all professionals concerned in France and abroad to join us with the means at their disposal and in the way they wish.

TOGETHER, let’s make a common cause so that electrosensitivity is definitively known by the general public and recognized by the governments.

Help us, support us and join us!


Magali Lesure
Founder of Cœurs d’EHS

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  1. Congratulation and many thanks for your good Job!
    I ask for a possibility to buy some T-shirts- yellow off cours- is this possibel – by the time-?
    Thanks for a short notice!
    I certainly would pay in advance- just tell me the price and send the IBAN….
    Greetings from Tirol/Austria

    Reinhard Schrott

  2. Let’s get out of the dark! We are joining you on this important day and in these creative actions!
    Thank you for your commitment.
    The German part of the European Citizens’ Initiative: Stop 5G, Stay connected but protected.

  3. All living beings are bioelectric beings. All life is created, controlled and maintained by natural electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic forces. Everything is connected to everything else via this natural energy field. Humans are adapted and oriented to a natural ‘radiation field’.

    The artificial technical frequencies of mobile telephony lie exactly in the
    range of the natural frequencies of life. If the frequencies are the same, the
    natural frequencies (oscillating circuits) resonate with the artificial technical frequencies.
    The non-material information of mobile radio triggers through resonance
    unnatural material biological reaction in natural control circuits. From
    technical information becomes biological false information. Mobile radio interferes with
    interferes with life.

    To prevent the number of EHS sufferers from increasing in the future, we should stop this madness!

  4. Did you know that…

    – at least 350 million people around the world are electrohypersensitive (EHS)?

    – many EHS sufferers are homeless and have to live in their cars?

    – two famous EHS sufferers were/are Nikola Tesla and Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former head of the WHO?

    – the WHO lists exposure to other non-ionising radiation (W90) and exposure to radiofrequency (W90.0XXA, W90.0XXD, W90.0XXS) as « external causes of morbidity and mortality (V01-Y98) » in its international classification of diseases?

    – the only remedy available to someone suffering from EHS is to move or buy expensive shielding materials?

    – this discrimination violates the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?

    – Sweden recognises EHS as a « functional impairment »? In Sweden, EHS sufferers have their own organisation, the Swedish Association for Electrohypersensitives, which receives an annual government grant.

    – all people with the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity have the right to live an equal life in society based on equality? One of the most important principles to achieve this is accessibility. This means that wherever you live, you are entitled to the same protection as Swedish people with EHS, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

  5. The Economic and Social Committee of the European Union (EESC) calls for a paradigm shift in the Official Journal of the EU of 04.03.2022, p. 34 et seq. and refers to Council of Europe Resolution 1815 of 2011, which recommended a comprehensive protection policy up to and including protection zones for electrohypersensitive persons.

    Therefore, be sure to support the ECI Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected (!

  6. Danke für Eure wichtige Arbeit. Wir Betroffene vom Unverstrahlten Land e.V. ( unterstützen diese Aktion sehr gerne. Gemeinsam schaffen wir eine lebenswerte Zukunft für uns EHS.
    Thank you for your important work. We, the people affected by the Unverstrahlten Land e.V. (, are very happy to support this campaign. Together we create a future worth living for us EHS.
    Merci pour votre travail important. Nous, les personnes concernées par l’association « Unverstrahlten Land e.V. » (, soutenons volontiers cette action. Ensemble, nous créons un avenir digne d’être vécu pour nous, EHS.

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