Who are we ?

What means the name “Coeurs d’EHS”?
In French, there is a play on words: “E” stands for “Êtres” (=Beings), “H” for “Humains” (=Human) and “S” for “Sensibles” (=Sensitive) or “Solidaires” (=Solidary), according to the human concerned and “Cœurs” means “Hearts”. Therefore, “Cœurs d’EHS” means “Sensitive or Solidary Human Beings’hearts”!

We are an association of Human Beings Sensitive to electromagnetic fields and of Solidary Human Beings, aware of EMF impact on health.

Why a yellow heart? Because yellow is the color of canaries whistleblowers, as are the electrosensitive.
Why a hummingbird on our logo? Because we want to do our part to make this environmental disease recognized and to reach out to the most vulnerable electro-hypersensitive people.
Like the hummingbird of the legend, together we decided to work to:
– help the electrosensitive people most in difficulty,
– maintain our health for all and for future generations,
– make Electro Hyper Sensitivity known and recognized.

So far our international action has focused on the promotion of Electrosensitivity Day.

In the future we will endeavor to translate into English our most important articles which you can download a version in .pdf on this page as well as at the top of the page of each translated article.


Logo (Coeurs d'EHS)


Cœurs d’EHS is a French association, legally created on May 21, 2018.